Flight Simulator
as your business
It's really easy! Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! (Confucius)
Lump sum payment
$75 000
Investments from
We.Fly Cessna 172 Flight Simulator is a stable and profitable business project. It was opened in Moscow in 2020 and in a short time it has gained popularity among aviation enthusiasts and urban entertainers.
It is exciting
Flying in a flight simulator is a new and exciting emotion for children and adults. Feel yourself like a pilot and fly around the world in just 1 hour!
It is easy!
Running a flight simulator business doesn`t require complex skills and is available to anyone. You will begin to earn from the first day.
It is profitable
Clear and transparent business model allows you to launch the project and ensure profit with minimal involvement of the owner
What is a flight simulator?
A unique development for those who love the sky, travel and new experiences
If you love aviation, this project is for you! Flight onboard a Cessna aircraft simulator is a first step into the world of aviation. Give your guests this opportunity, and yourself an interesting hobby and a profitable business project.
It's realistic
A 4-person cockpit with working instruments, high-quality graphics, sound effects and engine vibration fully immerses the guest into the process of flying the aircraft
It's a thrill
Fly over the Palm in Dubai or along the skyscrapers of New York City. Explore the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, or land a plane on Red Square or an aircraft carrier. There are no limits on the flight simulator.
It's extraordinary
A certificate for a flight simulator is a creative gift for a loved one. Children from 7 to 70 years old will be thrilled! :)
It's useful
A flight simulator is not only an attraction for entertainment. It is also a complete training complex for pilots or flight school students. Practicing on a simulator saves money and improves pilot skills
100% realistic and fully functional Cessna 172 G1000 instrument panel. Enables a fully immersive flying experience and pilot operations from engine startup and take-off to landing
What do you get?
We.Fly flight simulator is an effective business model and unique entertainment in your city
Fully equipped flight simulator
  • Full 4 seat cockpit with instrument panel
  • Visual system based on 3 video projectors
  • Control computers and professional software
  • Hardware installation and training
Head company support
  • Assistance in locating and opening premises
  • Assistance in finding and training staff
  • Legal assistance and support
  • Exclusive rights to the chosen area
  • Comfortable CRM and booking system
Marketing and design
  • Federal and local marketing
  • Customer loyality system
  • Advertising campaigns and special offers
  • Common design and corporate identity
Ready-to-start business
  • Fully automated business processes
  • Financial control and analytics system
  • Development of the range of related products
  • Guaranteed profits!
A ready-made business model and working standards for your development
Forms of cooperation
Equipment cost
from $60 000 USD

Total investments
from $75 000 USD

Payback period
1,5 year
Equipment cost
from $60 000 USD

Production terms
6-8 months

1 year guarantee

Equipment cost
$65 000 $60 000 USD

Complete cockpit, instrument panel, visual system and software set

Ready-made flight simulator
Super offer! The only ready-made Cessna 172 flight simulator available in Moscow and ready for shipping
Производство авиатренажера по Вашему заказу. В нашем портфолио более 10 выполненных проектов 4 типа самолетов
Custom built simulator
Открытие авиатренажерного центра под брендом We.Fly с поддержкой на всех этапах развития
We invite you to visit our flight simulator!
We do not sell empty air. We invite you to a business breakfast at our flight simulator centre in Moscow, where you will be able to make a test flight and discuss partnership formats. We also can arrange complete video tour by Skype for you

Interested? Call or message us!
8-965-332-8774 (WhatsApp, Facebook)

Project launch stages
First meeting
Getting to know each other for the first time. We will tell you all the details of the business model, processes and stages of cooperation. Making preliminary calculations and a business plan.
The contract
Negotiations about the contract and details of cooperation. Signing the contract. Payment of the advance payment 50%
Flight simulator production
The manufacturing process usually takes 6 months. Financing can be broken down into convenient stages. During all stages of work we send you photo and video reports
Choosing location and installation
We will help you find a suitable location, make a design for the refurbishment, and help with approvals. When location is ready our engineers will come to install the hardware equipment
Grand opening preparations
Staff recruitment and training. Preparing and launching an advertising campaign. Opening of the flight simulator
Get a business plan
Fill in the form and get a detailed business plan
+7 965 332-8774
Kashirskoe sh. 26, Moscow, Russia
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